Ear care experts

We specialise in finding the right hearing aids for you by matching your cosmetic needs, lifestyle and budget with the latest cutting edge technology.
Kept hearing


Ear care experts

We pride ourselves in good customer service and great patient care, no long waiting times for appointments. Easy access to staff and clinics.
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Ear care experts

We have wax removal clinics four days a week, you are guaranteed an appointment within a couple of days.


We are an independent establishment therefore we offer hearing aids from different hearing aids manufacturers.

We specialise in finding the right hearing aid for you by matching your cosmetic needs, lifestyle, and budget with the available products and technology.

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People Trust Us

because our patients are family

One of the most important factors about people’s lives is the information of, the use of, and the growing knowledge of medicine. Medicine is a form of art. It depends on how skillfully doctors apply their knowledge when dealing with patients.


I have continued to see Pam post the lockdown and now go to see her at the Zen Clinic. She is very prompt in responding to appointment requests. My whole family see Pamela and I have also recommended her to my friends and family who have equally remarked on her professionalism and high standards.

Liz – Colchester

Four years ago, I decided to enquire about micro suctioning as I had heard that it was a safer method of removing ear wax blockage. From an internet search, I contacted the Ear Wax Clinic and they assigned me to Pamela. who was the audiologist located closest to me.

Liz Colchester

Kept Hearing attends to my 95 year old mother’s hearing needs at her residential home. Pamela carries out micro-suction and has also supplied hearing aids. The service is always prompt, professional and caring.



My partner has attended the clinic for micro-suction and was impressed with the informed consultation and the results.


My ten year old son had impacted wax, could not hear and was in a lot of pain, I booked an appointment with Pamela at the Zen clinic, managed to  get an appointment the same day. She was very professional and patient with my son. I was very impressed with the service and advice we received.

S. Patel


The Founder and Director Pamela has over 20 years experience working for both the NHS and the private sector.

Hearing aids

We specialise in finding the right hearing aid for you by matching your cosmetic needs, lifestyle, and budget with the available products and technology

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    We offer comprehensive diagnostic hearing assessment and the latest cutting edge hearing aids technology.

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